Bridesburg Golf Association

The BGA was formed, inauspiciously, 30 years ago when our ‘founding fathers’ Jack Wilson, Jerry Crane Sr., Mick Elliott and Vince Elliott decided to go away for a long golf weekend in Virginia. Little did they know that that long weekend would blossom into the BGA, The Bridesburg Golf Association.

Bridesburg is a small, close-knit neighborhood located in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. Generating interest in a golf trip spread like wildfire and in a short period of time that group of four blossomed into more than 40 plus members. We have members in Virginia, West Virginia, Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania.

One of the very first trips the group of four took was to The Homestead in Virginia. The group set out early one morning and they decided to take turns driving while the other three relaxed in the back of a van, playing cards. Vince led off the driving and things seemed to be going well. After driving nearly 2 hours, Vince asked for some direction from the rest of the group. They asked Vince for a quick reference point and Vince told them he was nearing the Pocono exit of the Northeast Extension. Much to their surprise, Vince had taken them two hours out of the way, as they should have been traveling south to Virginia. A classic BGA story. The fun and good times haven’t stopped since!

The BGA travels to different locals up and down the east coast for a yearly, week-long golf tournament. We’ve played resort golf, mountain golf, oceanside golf and links style golf. We’ve traveled by just about every mode of transportation: bus, van, cars, planes, boat and trains. Members ages range from the late 20’s to late 50’s. Our ‘longevity’ member and the only remaining founding father that still attends the trips is Jerry Crane Sr. ‘Daddy’ is the only BGA member that has attended every BGA trip!

The group began to grow in size shortly after the Pocono/Virginia trip. Joe Klecko was first introduced to the BGA in 1986 as five golfers traveled to Bryce Resort in Virginia. Joe introduced Ken Houck to the group in 1987 when they made their way to Myrtle Beach. From that point forward the membership grew as did the size of the traveling group. Trips today are limited to 20 players but that’s mainly to cut down on confusion and group logistics.


Our week long trips are for the hard core golfer! We always play  two rounds of golf every day. If we can play more, we do. Morning rounds are always ‘straight’ golf, i.e. stroke play. Afternoon matches are normally better ball matches, scramble match’s or like match’s. ‘Daddy’ sets up every morning match and most afternoon matches - he does a fantastic job!

We run a week long tournament based on morning round scores. Handicapping is computed and used for all golfers. We conduct an Awards Dinner on our last night of the trip. Some awards that are distributed: The Tourney Champ, The BGA Champ, The BUM, Best Shot, Worst Hole and  Dumbest Golfer to name a few. We also distribute ‘gag’ gifts to every golfer in attendance. This past year we began a ‘Pollyanna’ where every golfer received a gag gift from another golfer - it went over really well and some hilarious gifts were given out.

THE BGA - just a bunch of golfers that travels once a year to golf, have fun and then golf some more!

A World-Class Golf Club